US Immigration 101 : Student visa (F-1)

The United States is home to some of the most respected and excellent research institutions and universities in the world and many dental schools have special programs that cater exclusively to foreign students. Anyone interested in pursuing higher education within the US will need to apply for a student visa. In this post, I will [...]

US Immigration 101 : H-1B work visa for the dentist

  Most foreign dentists look to apply for a job after completing a US-based dental program that gives them an additional degree from the USA. The standard immigration process involves working under an extension of the student visa (F-1) called the OPT (Optional Practical Training) until your employer files for the work visa. To learn [...]

US Immigration 101 : Green card

  Green cards enable you to live and work in the United States permanently and allow you to apply for citizenship after minimum 5 years of residency, with exceptions made for those who marry U.S. citizens or come to the country as refugees. A permanent resident (PR) does not hold the same status as a [...]